Herms & Cullers, LLC is a Northern Colorado trial law firm located in Fort Collins, Colorado and founded by two attorneys with extensive experience in employment, business, real estate, contracts, and business transactions. We provide sophisticated legal services to individuals, local businesses, and national companies, including large publicly-traded companies. We practice in Larimer and Weld counties and across Colorado, and concentrate in the following areas:


Disputes occur in every phase of doing business, and throughout every industry. We have experience in defending and in prosecuting claims involving contracts, operating agreements, employment agreements, non-competes, and a whole range of other commercial arrangements and contracts. If an agreement has been broken or a party isn’t fulfilling the terms of a contract, causing irreparable damage to a business or future opportunity, our experienced litigation attorneys can help to protect your rights and interests.


A major part of our practice concerns labor disputes, employment agreements, and non-compete issues. We also handle claims involving discrimination or harassment, civil rights issues, affirmative action, age discrimination, employee benefits, Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and more.


Frequently, these types of disputes involve allegations against a myriad of contractors and subcontractors whose work impacts the quality and timing of other trades. This situation can create delays and problems during construction projects. We handle mechanic’s liens, construction disputes, contract preparation, and more.


Real estate and property development is a serious investment. Whether you are buying, renting, or protecting real property, you need to know your rights and the law. We are experienced and knowledgeable real estate attorneys that protect your investment. We focus on homeowner associations (HOAs), landlord and tenant issues, boundary disputes, zoning, land-use, and easements, along with mineral rights and other natural resource matters.


We help entrepreneurs, business owners, Boards of Directors, and Managers make the best decisions regarding new and existing business ventures. We have the ability to understand and help you realize your vision and the big picture, as well as practical experience and attention to detail. We help our clients form their enterprises, put in place structures and procedures that promote orderly governance, and provide advice, guidance and counseling on governance, compliance, contracts, real estate, employment law, intellectual property, and other complex business issues.


We assist clients in the development and implementation of comprehensive lifetime estate plans that carefully balance personal and administrative concerns. We focus on estate planning, which includes contingent trust wills, revocable trusts, and irrevocable trusts, healthcare directives, durable power of attorneys, and living wills.


We believe that proper advice before entering into a transaction, making major decisions, or when a life or business crisis occurs, is an essential part of what we do. Sometimes just telling your story and getting confidential advice helps in navigating an increasingly complex world. There is no substitute for due diligence. Our experience in business and in the courtroom may provide you with insights and tools that can avoid the conflict or at least mitigate the damage.


Business leaders and decision makers know that so much of everyday life and work is complying with contract requirements, laws, rules, regulations, audits, and Court orders. Our attorneys are skilled in working through the maze of private and governmental compliance.


Reading writing, amending, interpreting, and enforcing contracts is our stock in trade. A good transaction helps make you money. Our goal is to help you succeed. When trouble or disagreements occur, we are there for you. With expert advice and proposing solutions.


Our senior attorneys have a wealth of legal and business experience. After decades of trial experience, we can offer our services as a neutral to help you reach a fair resolution to your disputes. We have experience in arbitration and mediation.

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