Construction Law

Construction law encompasses a wide variety of legal issues that can come up in even small, simple projects. Such matters include:

  • Liens. Colorado provides a statutory lien in favor of people who supply labor or materials towards a construction project, called a mechanic’s lien. Herms & Cullers has experience bringing and defending such lien claims, including liens on public projects where mechanisms other than a mechanic’s lien must be used.
  • Construction defects. Colorado courts see many construction defect lawsuits. A statutory process applies when owners of a project seek to hold contractors responsible for construction defects.
  • Contract formation. The attorneys at Herms & Cullers have a good understanding of construction contracts, including those between the owner and general contractor and between the general contractor and subcontractors. Contract negotiation represents an opportunity to avoid future dispute.
  • Construction disputes. Unfortunately, unforeseen events and disputes between owners and contractors often arise during construction projects. These disputes include delays that impact other trades, defective work, accidents, indemnification, and other matters.
  • Warranty issues. Oftentimes the general contractor for a project will provide an express warranty regarding the construction project. Colorado law also may imply warranties. 
  • Colorado Trust Fund Statute. This statute places duties on contractors intended to insure that subcontractors are paid.

Herms & Cullers attorneys have experience in construction transactions and disputes ranging from small residential remodels and decks to multi-million dollar commercial projects. Their clients include both owners and contractors, primarily in Fort Collins, and Larimer and Weld counties in Colorado. They would be happy to assist in your matter.

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