Almost any time you enter into a business or financial transaction, a written contract is advisable. Writing, interpreting, amending, negotiating, and enforcing contracts is our stock in trade. When drafting a contract, our goal is to determine your interests and create a written contract that protects those interests to the greatest extent possible, so that your goals are met and your risks minimized. Herms & Cullers attorneys’ experience covers many different kinds of agreements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Owner-general contractor agreements for construction projects;
  • Subcontractor agreements;
  • Employment contracts, including physician agreements;
  • Employee severance agreements;
  • Noncompetition contracts;
  • Sale of business or business assets;
  • Real estate buy/sell contracts;
  • Commercial and residential leases;
  • Oil and gas leases;
  • Easements and licenses;
  • Independent contractor agreements;
  • Professional services agreements;
  • Promissory notes and deeds of trust;
  • Dispute settlement agreements.

When you encounter a situation that demands a written contract, call Herms & Cullers to find out how our knowledge and experience can help you get the best possible results from your transaction.

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