Homeowners Associations

Like most other states, the vast majority of new urban, suburban and even rural housing developments in Colorado are accompanied by a homeowners association (“HOA”). Modern HOAs are governed by lengthy and complex documents that impose potentially burdensome covenants, restrictions, and obligations on the owners and the HOA alike. Most HOAs are also subject to the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act and additional statutes. Because of this large body of private and public restrictions and obligations, legal disputes and misunderstandings on the part of homeowners, HOAs, and HOA managers occur frequently. The attorneys at Herms & Cullers have represented homeowners and HOAs in many such circumstances, including:

  • Enforcement of covenants against homeowners, and defenses to enforcement;
  • Interpretation of covenants, rules, and regulations;
  • HOA compliance with procedural steps for enforcement of covenants and assessments;
  • HOA compliance with transparency requirements;
  • Failure of the HOA to maintain common elements;
  • Water damage in attached communities such as condo and townhome developments;
  • Insurance issues;
  • Responsibilities of members of an HOA board of directors;
  • Covenant amendments.

Whether you are a homeowner, HOA board member, or HOA manager, contact Herms & Cullers to find out how we can help resolve questions or disputes regarding your HOA. We represent clients in Fort Collins, Larimer County, Weld County, and across Colorado.

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