In our modern world, many business leaders and decision makers are faced with a vast maze of laws, rules, regulations, contracts, and even court orders that must be followed. The attorneys at Herms & Cullers are available to advise regarding best practices to comply with these obligations, interpret them, and also work through administrative processes such as licensing and planning/zoning reviews. For a business with employees, non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations can represent a grave threat. Thus, establishment of compliant employment practices is crucial. The same is true of due diligence regarding a business’ planned activities. The attorneys at Herms & Cullers have experience in many such areas, including:

  • Employment practices such as hiring, discipline, termination, discrimination, family and medical leave policies, workers compensation, and documentation;
  • Employee pay practices such as wage/hour issues, treatment of tips, and pay records retention;
  • Proper classification of workers as employees or independent contractors;
  • Proper treatment of funds for construction projects;
  • Private land use controls such as covenants, easements, and HOA rules and regulations;
  • Public land use controls such as the applicable land use code, and processes for obtaining governmental approvals regarding certain activities.

Our clients include businesses and individuals across Colorado. We would be happy to explain how we can help you avoid future legal headaches through best practices and due diligence. We represent clients in Fort Collins, Larimer County, Weld County, and across Colorado.

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