Political Yard Signs – Stop the Madness!

With election season upon us, I am sure that many of us have witnessed the proliferation of political messaging, including yard signs in front of homes. Some folks get a little carried away, like this homeowner during the 2016 election: You may ask: is it legal to place a hundred “Trump” signs in your front

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Hold the Vinegar on My Tacos: Why Breaking Up an LLC is Hard to Do.

Jeffrey B. Cullers  Colorado, like most states, makes it fairly straightforward for married people to get a divorce. Under Colorado’s “Dissolution of Marriage” statutes, one must do little more than represent that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” It generally does not matter who is at fault or if one of the spouses disagree that the

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Residential Real Estate Disclosures

Suppose your great aunt passed away recently and you are the unlucky family member who gets to deal with her estate. She’s lived in the same house for forty years, and everyone in the family agrees that the house should be sold ASAP. You don’t know much about the house. You do have a vivid memory that back in 1990-ish, a frozen pipe broke and soaked the basement carpet and drywall. The damage has been fixed so no one would ever know. Also, as a kid you remember your great aunt scolding you about putting holes in the walls – something about asbestos? You list the house on the market, and the question is this: Must you tell potential buyers about the busted pipe and the asbestos? Even if you are not legally obligated, should you tell them anyway?

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Minimizing the Risks of Illegitimate Service Animals

Recently, I was in a restaurant enjoying a meal when a lady walked in holding a purse that had a little Shih Tzu dog wearing a tiny red vest with the words “service dog.” The dog was looking at a handsome German Shepherd seated near his owner at an adjacent table.  I noticed the German Shepherd was also wearing a vest, but this one was embroidered with “Emotional Support Dog.”  Then a cat enters the picture.

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Colorado Easement Law

Herms & Herrera receives many calls regarding easement rights, mostly in Larimer and Weld Counties, Colorado. So what is an easement? An easement is a real property right authorizing the easement owner to do something or maintain something on the land of another.

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